miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

Happy new year!

Happy new year to everyone! 2013 is here so in 6th grade we are doing The new year´s resolutions.

These are some examples:

What are yours? You can share them with us by a coment!

7 comentarios:

  1. My new years resolution's is:
    -don't stand up in the class
    -do not laugh at my fellow
    -no fooling
    -and do my homework

  2. My new year's resolutions:

    1. Do my homeworks
    2. Don't fight with my brother
    3. Listen to my mother
    4. Help clean up
    5. Don't talk in the class
    6. Help in houseworks
    7. Eat my vegetables
    8. Study more
    9. Write better
    10.Study everyday
    11.Read more books

    Daniel Cillero Denti 6ºB

  3. Raquel Martínez Gil 6ºB9 de enero de 2013, 20:22

    Vanesa, aquí te dejo mis "New Year´s Resolutions".

    -Don´t fight with my brother.
    -Have good behariour at home.
    -Study every days.
    -Eat everything.

    Adiós, espero que todo esté bien escrito...

  4. My new year´s resolutions :

    -study more
    -write better
    -be good
    -not often angry
    -bed early every day
    -eat vegetables and fruit
    -hanging clothes in my closet

  5. - I make my bed everyday.
    -Help my family.
    -study more.
    -no speek in class.
    -Better help my friends.
    Espero que este bien escrito bsss Vanesa.

    Manuel López De Lerma

  6. -To be able to stay upside down.
    -Tray to not speak loudly.
    -Tray to make the bed.
    -Tray to get better in basketball.

    Besos Leire 6ºC.

  7. Hello I am emilio of 6c and there you go:
    -not I'll stick with my sister
    - I'll be good in class
    - Will study hard in class
    -'llLet everyone playwith myball